About Us

Our company provides inspection and audit services within the scope of Inspection, Owner’s Engineering and Lender’s Engineering, impartially during the establishment, commissioning, operation and handover of Renewable Energy Power Plants established for the purpose of generating electrical energy in the country and abroad.

In addition; since 2016, SUSOL has been providing consultancy, project management, engineering, contract management (Due-Diligence) services to the power plants installed for the purpose of electricity generation and to public, domestic and foreign corporate and private investors.

SUSOL carries out reporting, measurement, inspection, surveillance, certification and inspection activities in accordance with international standards and provides Inspection and Owner’s Engineering Services for Grid Connected Solar Power Plants in Turkey and abroad regarding these activities.

Our Impartiality and Privacy Statement


We are kindly pleased to contribute to our country by increasing the efficiency of power plants with the services we provide to Renewable Energy Sector Investors with our understanding of Sustainable Solutions and Sustainable Engineering philosophy.


To become a brand with our existing resources and values, by taking the deep-rooted experience and knowledge of these lands where we live, where the sun rises and illuminates the world, and to illuminate our own environment and the world with all our knowledge, including the geographies where the sun goes down.