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Our company provides Engineering Services within the scope of Inspection, Owner’s Engineering and Lender’s Engineering impartially during the establishment of Solar Energy and Wind Power Plants in Turkey and abroad in accordance with international standards, production audits of Photovoltaic Modules, commissioning, operation and handover of the power plants.

Solar Power Plants’ Preliminary Design, Simulation, Feasibility Studies

With the Licensed PVcase, PVsyst, Skechup, Netcad, AutoCAD computers we use, 3D measurement studies and design of production models of the Power Plant, technology selection and forecast production comparison, capacity study, meteorological variable analysis, horizontal line, shadowing and angle analysis, technology selection, simulation and evaluation of solar radiation data, P50-P75-P90 production values are kept.

Controls of Production Processes of Photovoltaic Modules

During the production of Solar Panels, full-time production inspections, storage, packaging and transportation controls are carried out.

Contract Management and Construction Oversight

Preparation of technical specifications and contracts, support in EPC (Turnkey Contractor) and supplier selection, review, control and approval of implementation-oriented projects, design selection and efficiency analysis are carried out within the scope of TS EN ISO / IEC 17020. During the installation phase of the power plants, full-time Construction Inspections are carried out in accordance with the IEC 62446 standard, and inspection services are provided for the proper installation.

Tests and

During the commissioning phase of the power plant, tests and measurements are carried out within the scope of TS EN ISO / IEC 17020.

First Year Performance Rate Verification

It includes calculating the overall efficiency of the system by processing production data and solar radiation data once or twice a year (every six months) from the commissioning of the power plants. The degradation values of the Photovoltaic Modules and the production values of the plant are presented, the deficiencies, if any, are reported and the PR (Performance Ratio) value of the plant is presented to the investor.


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